Signing up and adding Instagram account

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Perform the below steps to sign-up at

1. Go to andtThe application page of appears.

2. Click the Signup -button on the right-side of webpage. You will see the sign-up page, as shown in the below image:

On the Sign-Up page, fill-in the below fields:

  • Firstname
    Select your time zone.

3. Click the Get Started button.
Your account has been created and you will see the dashboard.

4. Click the New Account button to add your Instagram account.

5. Add your Instagram username and password in the Username and Password fields.

6. Click the Add Account button.

If the provided username and password are correct, your Instagram account will be added successfully.

The instagram security gate might activate first time you login. If this happens you will need to login to Instagram with your browser and approve the login attempt manually.

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